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Contact phone numbers
+1 (919) 859-5294 U.S
+1 (800) 373-2804 U.S./Canada/México Toll Free
+1 (829) 954-8009 República Dominicana
+1 (787) 774-7514 Puerto Rico

+1 (919) 834-7039 U.S.
+1 (829) 946-7819 Carribean

Mail and Delivery
North America (HQ)
P.O. Box 37284
Raleigh, NC 27627

Apartado Postal 1072
Santo Domingo, RD

Note: Our protocol is to withhold the addresses of our physical locations from the general public and unknown parties, providing office locales only to contracted clientele.


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The Intelligence Process

Polished intelligence is not simply and "information report". Intelligence is the product of careful identification of information sources, data collection, and rigorous analysis of the veracity of the data. Intelligence is "vetted and evaluated information". Learn more, . . .

Why Poindexter Global Intelligence Solutions?

The firm is owned and staffed by investigative and intelligence collection specialists with broad international experience in both overt and covert operations. All intelligence and countermeasures operatives are rigorously prepared and well equipped for their respective assignments.